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"make its happen; right light, right place and right time"

As lighting designers we all get great inspiration from the natural world continuously. Nature sunlight often produces beautiful scenery: the light pouring down towards a lake at dawn, the sun shining on to a city, sunset reflected on the earth, and an inlet painted red dusk. In all cases, natural sunlight reflects on both natural and urban environments sometimes serenely and sometime dramatically. The scenery produced by natural light contains various images which can take as a hint for creating diverse ambiences for artificial lighting. The essence of natural light is a valuable source of our ideas on the architectural lighting, has an incredible way of providing amazing lighting spectacles, but sometimes the simplest daily occurrence such as the sun interacting with a cloud and a tree can be equally thought provoking as the northern lights or a bolt of lightning. This section of our website shares images chosen by every single member of the christju team from Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and United state. Simple occurrences such as the silhouetting of an object, shadows, reflection and the amazing colours created in nature without question transmit themselves into our thoughts and projects.
We hope you enjoy the images and find inspiration from them as we do.